Seeking your voice!

The City of Rockingam are participating in Disability Inclusive Emergency Planning forum on 13 September, from 10am to 3pm at Baldivis Sport Complex and are looking for parents to join the session.  

This will be a conversation between disability service providers, emergency and health sector representatives and people with lived experience of disability to have a productive discussion about inclusive emergency planning frameworks.

The City of Rockingham are offering payment in line with lived experience framework best practise ($40 per hour, thus a total of $200 for the session). They can offer support with transport if needed. Lunch and refreshments provided. 

If you would like to be involved, please email

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School Board News

Brad has had two children attend Malibu School. They commenced at Malibu  when hsi family moved to WA in August 2022. His eldest, James, has now moved onto his life after school, however, Ashleigh still attends.

By supporting James and Ashleigh, James has gained life experience and built knowledge around the issues that people with extra needs face both in schooling and in the community. He would like to contribute to assisting people in overcoming these obstacles. He also understand the stresses that having kids with extra needs places on a family and would like to contribute to minimising this stress for other families. Welcome to the Board, Brad!

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Father's Day Invitation!

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Sensorium Incursion for Book Week

Wednesday 23rd August Sensorium came to Malibu to present one of their newest shows "Ten Tiny Things" to the Kindy, Pre-Primary and Year One students. This show focused on a journey where 10 things were found along the way. 

We are proud to announce that the Sensorium Residency will be coming to the school in Week 8 to showcase "Wonderbox" for students aged 8 and above. 

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PESA Book Week Student Artwork

Each class created an incredible art work, given a blank canvas and the theme of the Sea. All classes created something truly beautiful and we'll be making sure to keep them on display! Congratulations to all students from J1, M3 and S2 who will each receive a book to keep, in recognition of their brilliant class artwork!

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Baldivis Districts All Abilities Touch Football

Expression of interest for touch rugby football for students aged 11-18 and or helpers that also maybe interested in supporting on the night. Games will be held Thursday nights starting early October with an upcoming open night to be confirmed. 

Parents or carers can contact me if there child is interested as we are gathering numbers for now.

NRLWA will confirm the go ahead if we get enough numbers.  Under 11's are able to join existing teams.

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Anderson NDS Bike and Running Group

Learn to Ride Group in the Term 3/4 holidays and a Running Group throughout Term 4 this year, which  would be suitable for some Malibu students and will be a great program to be involved in! These programs are designed using evidence-based practice to safely teach kids with developmental delays how to confidently ride a bike, and how to run/improve their running.

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Saver Plus

Like many families in WA, your families may also be experiencing the impact of cost-of-living challenges. Saver Plus helps empower families with money skills and assist with school expenses by rewarding them for saving.

What is Saver Plus?

Saver Plus is a free online community money skills program funded by ANZ and the Australian Government, and delivered by The Smith Family in WA:

  • helping people to hit their savings goals,
  • develop life-long savings habits, and
  • receive up to $500 in matched savings from ANZ to assist with school expenses.

Eligibility criteria applies.

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Middle 2

Middle 2 has had a very busy and exciting term. All students have settled into our class routines and have adapted well to any changes made for the new Semester. This Semester we have some exciting community access outings planned, including the art gallery, WA Museum and Scitech. We have also started our new Literacy program where students have adapted well to transitioning to different classes and working with different staff.  Levi, Sienna, Elle, Daniella and Declan have all had birthdays in the month of July which we have all enjoyed celebrating with the class favourites of hot chips and cake! We are so excited for the coming term and the new challenges and learning opportunities that lay ahead.

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P&C News

The P&C are so excited how well the Mother’s Day stall went and look forward to doing another stall for Fathers Day. This is a great opportunity for our Malibu kids, staff and parents to shop for their special loved one for Father’s Day. Plus the kids get an opportunity to grow on their skills for money handling.

Our Father’s Day stall will be held on Wednesday 30/8/34 9-11am to allow parents an opportunity and for each class to come through. Please send money with child on the day if you wish them to take part. We aim to keep prices low and reasonable. So even a few dollars will allow child to purchase something.

We are looking at also doing another raffle for Father’s Day to give opportunity for parents that don’t come into the school much to be a part of something. Tickets will be sent home at a cost of $1 each. Which would be drawn before Father’s Day of course. 

Just like the Mother’s Day we are asking for any donations of unwanted gifts or new items not needed that are suitable to be added to our father day stall. Also if you own a business or know someone that owns a business and would like to donate a voucher or items that would be wonderful. 

The P&C joined Malibu for the PESA Book Week Disco assisting in cooking and serving sausage sizzle orders.

If you would like to connect and/or network with other Malibu parents we are hosting coffee and cake chats after each assembly. Look forward to getting to know you. 

Blessings to you all

Sarah Phillips 
P&C President 

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APM - Planning Group

APM are looking for Families of children aged  between 12-17 to be a part of a planning group to make a positive impact and help share experiences for youth.

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My Time - Peer Support Program

MyTime is a peer support program for parents and carers of a child with a disability, chronic medical condition or other additional needs including developmental delay. It provides a safe and supportive environment where parents can connect with others who understand the unique challenges they face.

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NDIS Webinars for School Leavers with Disabilities - Pathways to post school life

The National Disability Insurance Agency would like to invite participants, carers, parents, teachers and all people with disability who are leaving school to attend an information session about what options and supports may be available to them. Information provided at this session will cover the options available to people who are leaving school or wish to know what pathways they could take after school for further education and employment. 

Virtual Information Sessions are delivered via Microsoft Teams. Register here: WA - Pathways to Post School Life Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

Dates and Times:

Tuesday, 5 September 2023 - 5:00pm - 6:00pm (AWST)

Thursday, 21 September 2023 - 8:00am - 9:00am (AWST) 

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No Limits Netball - Kayden's experience

Congratulations to Kayden, who had a blast as part of the No Limits netball team. Thank you to his family for sharing these great photos - what a star!!

Kayden's father Jason has been very positive about the experiences for his son and encourages other families to have a go. Please keep an eye out for their registration days - we'll make sure to advertise them in our newsletter too!

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Second hand uniforms!

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Senior 4

The start of Semester Two of Term Three for Senior Four was nothing short of thrilling, with an exciting adventure in Fremantle and tasty BBQs at the Kwinana Adventure Park. The school term has been jam-packed with non-stop fun, leaving no room for boredom.

Our Senior Four Enterprise Project is moving full steam ahead, and we are excited with the great progress we're making. Our dedicated team is committed to producing the best biscuits each week, and we leave no stone unturned in our quest for excellence. With rigorous taste-testing research, we're confident that we are delivering only the very best flavours to our customers.

The Senior Four class have recently begun a Sexual Health Program, which is being delivered by the esteemed Sexual Health Quarters (SHQ) team. The program comprises interactive and engaging classes that cater to the specific needs of our students and offer significant educational benefits. We anticipate an enriching learning experience in the upcoming Semester Two.

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Sim Sam Fun for All Abilities

It's that time of month again. Simsam are holding their monthly Disco and Karaoke this Saturday 26TH August at Bar Indigo at The Swinging Pig, Rockingham. 

This is a private event in a safe and secure venue. 

Entry is $15 and Carers are free. Our disco runs from 6pm-9pm and there is a full food and drinks menu available on the night. 

Come and dance the night away, sing your favorite song, meet new friends or catch up with old ones. 

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Sam or Simone, our details are on the attached flyer.

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What an amazing start to semester 2 we have had with the Hydrotherapy Program. With the addition of over 10 students having new plans and joining us in the water with some more expected to start soon.

We have had so many successes this year, with our junior In-term swimming at Aqua Jetty and plenty of wins in the school pool with new skills being learnt.

In semester 2, as well as implementing students’ hydrotherapy plans, we will also be focusing on water safety. This will include safe entries and exists, floating, breathing techniques and water recovery.

We would like to acknowledge all the parents/carers for their involvement in preparing our students for the swim program, working with therapists, and providing appropriate swimming gear.

For those asking about Containment Swim Shorts, we have attached a link for an Australian provider.

Conni Containment Swim Shorts for incontinence

Here are some photos of the year so far, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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Principal's Pen

Dear families 

What a great week we have had. Monday Book Swap, Tuesday combined school Disco, Wednesday the early childhood classes enjoyed a visit from the Sensorium Theatre, Thursday I had the pleasure of reading a book about a girl who uses a device as her voice to the students and Friday has been brilliant too.

This week we've had a lot of experiences with books, which is such an enjoyable reminder with so much technology around us.  As you may know, I've just returned from a short trip to America which included a stop at Las Vegas. For those who have never visited, the visual overload doesn't stop during the daytime! Las Vegas is somewhere you won't find a book!

I was fortunate to have an incredible view from my room and marvelled at a new installation called the Sphere. It is effectively the world's largest TV screen. Day and night, it displayed an amazing variety of images, including the moon! While I was watching, I knew many of our students would be facinated by it and wanted to share. I certainly was facinated, though appreciated the move towards books this week!  

Our combined school disco was our largest yet and I congratulate our team for coordinating such an incredible event and to the P&C for their spectacular sausage sizzle. Thank you to our families for supporting all the dress-ups and those who could join us during the day. Your efforts made the day very special. 

May you have a wonderful weekend and we hope to see you at our next event for our incredible students and families. 

Kind regards
Merrilee Wright

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