School Board Award

Congratulations to Stacey Hansord - Deputy of Junior School and Jane Williamson - Permaculture Certificate Trainer and Assessor/Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Leader for their contributions to the school. Both continue to make a positive impact on the students and to the staff.  

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Junior 1

Hold onto your hats because the Junior 1 students at Malibu School have had a thrilling and action-packed ride this term! We have had many exciting firsts, from the Kindy kids taking their first steps into the classroom to exploring the playground, cooking in the kitchen, and helping in the vegetable garden! All while making heaps of new friends along the way.

But that was just the beginning! During the term, we dove headfirst into an awe-inspiring underwater adventure that took us to the depths of the deep blue sea. We explored the ocean through the pages of some of the most extraordinary books, like "Hooray for Fish!" by Lucy Cousins, where we paddled along with Little Fish on a mesmerizing underwater tour, meeting all sorts of fishy friends - spotty and stripy, happy and grumpy, hairy and scary, even curly whirly and twisty twirly.

We also embarked on a thrilling alphabetical tour of ocean animals with Kristen Joy Pratt's book "A Swim Through the Sea," filled with fun alliteration, beautiful illustrations, and fascinating facts. And let's not forget about "Secret Seahorse" by Stella Blackstone, in which we searched for a speedy seahorse to uncover its secret hideout, discovering a world of wonder filled with astonishing coral reefs and fascinating aquatic creatures.

The students got creative with art supplies, using scissors, glue, paint, paper, cards, and paper plates to make colourful fish, nippy crabs, majestic turtles, mysterious seahorses, and ferocious sharks with big, sharp teeth. We let their imaginations run wild during sensory play, playing with water, shaving cream, ice, cooked spaghetti, dry rice, pompoms, and textured materials. We even created their own seascapes by adding plastic marine creatures to our sensory fillers!

In maths, we continued our ocean theme by making fish, turtles, and sharks out of shapes. The students went on a treasure hunt, searching for numbers and shapes in water and pretty blue rice. We played counting games, feeding a shark pom poms and counting fish crackers into goldfish bowls.

It was a nonstop, thrilling, and action-packed start for the littlest members at Malibu School this term. The educators have been blown away by the students' eagerness to explore and experience everything presented to them. We can't wait to see what else this year has in store for our fantastic kindergarten kids!

Bec, Mel, Linda and Karen

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Meet the team! Stacey Hansord, Deputy of Junior School

Stacey is the Deputy of Junior School at Malibu, and has been an educator for over 20 years. She started her career as a Special Needs Education Assistant, which ignited her passion for working with students with diverse needs. She went on to study her Bachelor of Education - Early Childhood Special Needs, and has worked in a variety of school settings across the state in both mainstream and education support. She went on to become a Level 3  Classroom Teacher and has held positions as a Learning Support Coordinator, Level 3 Teacher Assessor and worked as a consulting Teacher for the School of Special Educational Needs: Disability (SSEN:D). In this consulting role she worked with schools across the state, providing training and support for staff and schools to ensure access and differentiation for all students. Stacey has a busy home life being the mum of three children, but in her spare time she enjoys camping, stand up paddle boarding and going mountain bike riding with her energetic family.

Stacey whole-heartedly believes in our school motto of "A future without limits" and demonstrates this every day in the expectations she has for our students, and the support that she provides to set them up for success!

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WA Student Assistance Payment

Recently, the Premier, Hon Roger Cook MLA, and the Minister for Education, Hon Dr Tony Buti MLA, announced the WA Student Assistance Payment. This offers a cost-of-living payment for every student in Western Australia to provide financial relief and assist families with their children’s schooling.

All of our families are eligible to claim $250 for each secondary student, and $150 for each primary school student (including Kindergarten).

Note - families must have a valid WA student number (WASN) and may claim using the Service WA App, from Monday 15 April 2024.

To assist, a copy of your child's WASN has been sent home. If your child was not at school and you did not receive a copy of your child's WASN, please email the school and a member of the team will send your child's WASN. Alternatively, your child's WASN is available on your child's SmartRider or School Report (see below). 

Visit for information on eligibility and how to claim.

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P & C News

What an honour it has been to work along side so many wonderful and talented people this past year. We have come so far getting our Malibu P&C up and running. We had many great fundraisers, including our latest Easter Raffle which raised an outstanding amount of $1009. Thankyou to all those that supported this by donating or/and purchasing tickets.

Our P&C has taken more than just fundraisers to get started however. Much more than I could have imagined and I feel I would have failed if it weren’t for Kellie Down and Tori  Murphy- Tindale. These two incredibly dedicated and organised women have been the backbone of our P&C and on a more personal note have kept me going with their support, encouragement and positivity. I couldn’t be more thankful for you both. 

On behalf of the P&C we would also like to extend our thanks to Merrilee, Sandy & Tricia for your continued support from the start. Your hearts for Malibu School really shows. :)

Have a blessed Easter and holiday break Malibu Family. See you all next term. :)

P&C President
Sarah Phillips

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Free Tripple P Parenting programs online

  • Support your child to manage their emotions and develop good coping skills
  • Based on proven psychology principles and research
  • Learn ways to minimise negative impacts and help your child to feel supported and secure
  • Handle difficult moments more calmly and confidently
  • Improve communication and reduce conflict with your former partner
  • Take better care of your own emotional and social wellbeing
  • Adapt and evolve in your new family dynamic

Other FREE Triple P Online programs include:

  • Baby Triple P (for parents and carers to be or with a baby under 12 months old)
  • Triple P Online (for parents of young children under 12 years)
  • Fear-Less Triple P Online (for parents of children with anxiety age 6+)
  • Family Transitions Triple P Online (for parents going through separation or divorce)
  • Coming soon! Stepping Stones Triple P Online (for parents of a child with a disability)

Teen Triple P Online is also available (for parents of pre-teens and teens, 10-16 years) at a cost of $89.40.

Families enrolled in government schools can apply for a FREE funded code to access this program through their school psychologist or the Triple P team at Statewide Services.

To register, please visit this website: Positive parenting in Western Australia | Triple P programs near you | Triple P ( 

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2024 Razzamatazz

Malibu School students and families are invited to attend the 2024 Razzamatazz Shows at the Astor Theatre Perth (Mount Lawley) in April.

With free entry, and weekend and weekday dates available, Razzamatazz Shows are perfect for school excursions or a family day out. 

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Peel Home and Community Support

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International Day of People with Disability

City of Rockingham and City of Kwinana will be collaborating this year to celebrate International Day of People with Disability. Both local governments will be hosting a range of activities across the end of November and beginning of December. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

You can submit feedback on the kinds of activities, events and initiatives you would like see by adding to this ideas board:
Empowering Voices: Access and Inclusion Reference Group | Love My Kwinana

If you would like to be involved in the celebrations, by facilitating a workshop/activity or hosting, do let us know.

Note: Both Rockingham and Kwinana will evaluate all community feedback provided to assist them in planning activities that the community would like to see.

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Second hand uniforms!

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Junior 5

What an incredible start to the year it has been in J5! As we near the end of Term 1, let's take a moment to reflect on the amazing journey we've had so far.

The term kicked off with a splash as we dove into Interm swimming in weeks 3 & 4. It was heartening to see our students not only conquer the waters but also develop vital community access skills such as navigating a bus ride, following instructions in diverse environments, and engaging with new teachers during swimming lessons. To all our swimmers, we extend our heartfelt congratulations – your progress is truly commendable.

Our structured literacy block has commenced with great enthusiasm, providing students with diverse opportunities to enhance their literacy skills. Transitioning to alternative classrooms, they explored a myriad of literacy skills, delving into captivating stories like "Fang Fang’s Chinese New Year." The creative spirit soared as students painted and crafted their very own Chinese Dragons, adding a touch of cultural vibrancy to our classroom.

Week 7 was a celebration of diversity during our Multicultural Day festivities. From sampling delectable cuisines from around the globe to engaging in various cultural activities, it was a joyous occasion where we embraced the richness of different traditions and backgrounds.

A highlight of the term was the arrival of the Variety Car Rally, where students had the unique opportunity to marvel at vintage cars, touching and even hopping into some of the oldest and most original models. It was a thrilling experience that sparked curiosity and admiration among our young minds.

As we approach the final weeks of term, anticipation is building for our Easter activities. We look forward to engaging in fun-filled festivities, embracing the joy that Easter brings.

Happy Easter from J5

Tamara, Jane, Denise, Jac and Dee

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This term our students have been learning about lots of fun topics including iPad applications and robotic equipment in their Digital Technologies classes.

Our junior students have made a book about themselves using the Book Creator iPad application. Some students have even been activating the movement of robotic equipment including Blue Bots using a simple sequence of steps.

Our middle students have been programming robotic equipment including Blue Bots through a grid map. They have even designed their own grid maps in a small group! Other students have used Blue Bots to draw a picture or collect items on a grid map.

Our senior students have been learning about woodwork and the different types of wood used to create wooden products. Students have explored and sorted examples of wood into soft, hard, and manufactured wood. They have even used the iPads to research different types of wooden products. Some students have been learning about the aesthetic properties of different wooden products including colour, texture, weight, and cost.

Amy- Digital Technologies Teacher

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Senior 4

We have had a great start to the year in S4 up in the Senior block! The students settled in well to their new schedules that are a lot different from what they were used to coming from the middle block.

In English we have spent time listening to stories and answering questions about the characters, place of the story, problem and solution. We also took turns to focus on greeting skills and shared news time. During Maths we had some fun learning about positional language and navigation skills including seeing where we live on a map and following directions outside on the bike path. In enterprise we have been learning about identifying who can help us, different jobs and their tools and where these people work.

We have enjoyed being outside for the good weather looking at which spaces at the school are private and public spaces as well as reminding us of which body parts are private and public. We did a few bingo activities which showed us which clothing is regarded as public and private as well.

Some of the students in S4 have participated in transport training on Thursdays which teaches them the skills they need to use public transport. As a whole class we have enjoyed our Community Access time out at George town oval, Rockingham City in which they had a walk around Kmart and then ordered their own food at Red Rooster. The class also had the chance to have some fun at the Kwinana Adventure Park and loved watching the mechanical ball machine outside of Coles.

Coby, Kayla, Katrin, Harmony and Najwa

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Principal's Pen

Dear families 

We've had a wonderful end to a great term and I hope you are headed to the long-weekend with some fun plans with the family. 

Following our morning assembly, I would like to acknowledge our new 6 student leaders to join our current 6 leaders to represent our School in 2024. Congratulations to our 2024 Student Leaders: Skylah, Lawerence, Izzy, Haidon, Sonie, Michael, Jamilee, Kayden, Darwyn, Levi, Archie M and Bailey J. We look forward to your contributions and leadership!

Our new Koort (heart) of the School area will be ready to use next term and we are excited for the students to get into this area. The stage will provide a wonderful addition to our assemblies and whole-school events and we know you will love it as much as we do! I have met with members from HMAS Stirling recently, to discuss plans for some of our events this year (including Navy Day) and we are very grateful for the continued support and partnership with the personel from HMAS Stirling. Our Koort will provide a terrific area for our community events, which will include some of our events with the Navy.

My sincere appreciation to Leanne Stewart for her service as Board Chair for the last few years and her valued continued role as a Community Member representative. With Leanne stepping down, we welcome Parent Representative Jason Biffin into the role of Board Chair. 

It has been just over 1 year since the P&C commenced, with some very brave and generous families stepping up to get Malibu School’s first P&C up and running. I would very much like to thank Sarah Phillips, Jon Phillips, Kellie Down, Tori Murphy-Tindale, Karen Griffin, Cassie Girvan, Jason Biffin and Gemma Biffin for their roles as Office Bearers and founding members of the Malibu P&C. I would like to send a special thank you to Kellie Smith for her years of work in our Uniform Shop, starting prior to the P&C, ensuring families have the most affordable and accessible options for uniforms.

The efforts of the P&C over the last year has been remarkable. The raising of funds that support our students’ programs, equipment and resources is to be congratulated, though I would like to make note of the collegiality that the team have created, and continue to create, by engaging an ever increasing number of families. The outgoing P&C, having raised a total of $6589.38 in their first year with $1,009 raised by the P&C Easter Raffle. Congratulations to all raffle winners (who will be notified if not present) and a big thank you to all who entered! We look forward to hearing more about the Mother's Day stall and raffle, in addition to the Malibu Family Facebook page, next term. Congratulations to our 2024 P&C officers and to each new member. 

My appreciation to Megan Rhodes, Middle Deputy for her time in the role and wish her well as she takes up a teaching position at Avely PS next term. We are very pleased to welcome Deputy Heather Stephens who was been working in the Middle block for the last two weeks and brings extensive leadership experience, including an impressive 14 years as Principal in a number of WA Public Schools. Heather is looking forward to getting to know our Middle Cluster families and supporting each of the Middle Classes, including M5 as we wish Mary well on her final prac. More information will be out soon regarding M5's teacher in Mary's absence. 

Staffing has continued to create challenges this year, as for most schools across Australia, though I am very pleased to acknowledge the following staff for their selection to Malibu as permanent EAs; Gina, Najwa, Trish Prior, Harmony, Hayley, Feny, Careen, Aylish, Tory, Audrey and we welcome Maddison Blewett to the team, from East Vic Park ESC. 

You may have seen in the media that teachers are in the process of negotiating a new Agreement and there may be stop work meetings in the future. At this stage, negotiations are still occurring in good faith and I will keep you updated should there be any disruption to your child's schooling. I know you are most supportive of our fabulous teachers (and EAs) and thank you for your patience while negotiations continue. 

Lastly, it was recently announced that families of school children can claim an amount to support the increasing cost of living. Important information about how to claim is contained further in this newsletter.

I wish for you and your families a wonderful holiday break andlook forward to seeing you back next term. 

Stay safe and well.

Kind regards
Merrilee Wright

Help keep our schools safe 👀🏫

If you see 👀 or hear 👂 anything suspicious at one of our schools, take action — report the incident to School Watch on 📞 1800 177 777.

In an emergency, or if you see a crime in progress, dial triple zero (000).

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Keys Term 2 Parent Workshop

KEYS provide workshops to parents/carers living in the Cities of Kwinana, Rockingham, Cockburn, Melville & Fremantle, with children aged from birth to 18 years.  See below flyer for workshop dates and times.

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All Abilities Basketball

Halls Head Pelicans, all abilities basketball played in a noise reduced area.  Starts 15th April.
For more information please email

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Saver Plus

Saver Plus supports eligible families to take some control of their finances by offering a matched savings incentive and financial education workshops.

If parents commit to saving up to $50 a month for 10 months, ANZ will match their savings up to $500 for families.

Parents can also claim furniture for study, extra cirricular activities eg football / soccer / music / art, uniforms, books, camps etc or perhaps they would like a device for home.

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P&C News

The Malibu P&C Easter Raffle is open and winners drawn the morning of the end of term assembly. You can enter with the paper tickets sent home or online here Buy tickets for the Easter Raffle!

Each $1 donated will receive one ticket and all funds raised go back to support the students and school. 

Please come along to our P&C AGM and morning tea Thursday 28th March following the whole-school assembly.

You can RSVP your attendance for the P&C AGM (10am - 11am) here

All executive positions will be opened and available. So if you feel you would like to step into one of the executive roles you will need to be at the AGM. You are welcome to attend even if you would like to just share a morning tea and hear about the plans for the year ahead.

Remember to bring $1 to become a member for the year, which allows you to vote, even if you just want to be a casual member.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Sarah Phillips
P&C President

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Junior 4

What an amazing start to 2024 in J4!

This year we have welcomed two new students into our classroom – Akeem and Dominic who have settled into the school and class environments amazingly! They have brought so much energy into our class 😊

This term has been a busy one, with Interm swimming in weeks 3 & 4. Everyone who attended swimming lessons did amazing and developed their community access skills by learning to sit on a bus, listen to instructions in a variety of contexts, and participate in swimming lessons with unfamiliar teachers. We are beyond proud of all our students who attended swimming. For the group of students from our class that did not attend swimming, they showed amazing perseverance in dealing with changes in their routines and explored alternative skills such as transitioning to different class environments and engaging with other students in junior block. A huge win for us as a team was all students wearing their shoes to and from Aqua Jetty in the hot sun!

We have had an amazing start to our structured literacy block, where all students transition to alternative classrooms to participate in a variety of literacy learning skills. This term we have also been reading the story Wombat Stew and participating in sensory story telling which everyone has been enjoying, taking advantage of the warm weather out in the garden, and enjoying some messy play activities like jelly!

We are all looking forward to participating in our Multicultural Day celebrations in week 7 and are already hard at work preparing to celebrate Traditional Australian culture! We hope to see you all there.

Miss Tylah, Miss Brooke, Miss Tahni, Ms Michelle, Mrs Gelinda & Mrs Fiona

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Meet the team! Lead EA Leonie Williams

We welcomed Lead EA Leonie to the Senior Cluster last week. Leonie commenced in 2011 and has been working in our Junior Cluster, supporting communication and the use of AAC across the school.

Leonie is known for being helpful, approachable and willing to share her knowledge.

Leonie was always involved in the disability sector, firstly as a swimming instructor, as a therapy assistant overseeing hydrotherapy programmes including baby swimming and aqua-aerobic classes.

Leonie was also a past conductor for the combined schools Kids Alive Choir and in addition to bringing her expertise to the Senior Cluster, we are very excited to announce that she will be leading the Malibu Glee Club from next term!

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