Collaboration with families is important for each child’s progress. Our families are keen to learn about what we do at school and how they might extend this learning at home. Families are encouraged to talk with their child’s teacher who will provide information specific to each child’s needs and family circumstance.

We know effective and regular communication between home and school is important. In addition to asking for any information to assist our staff to support your child, there are several ways we will communicate with families to ensure everyone has the most current information.


Schoolzine App – We use this App to communicate with our families. The App is free and easy to use. With this App you can see our Calendar, Newsletters, Website, Facebook feeds, receive updates, notify us of absences and receive other important information straight to your mobile phone. Get the app here

Seesaw – This app is used by teachers to share your child’s work and to communicate regularly. It is free and easy to use. You can access it on a computer, device or on your phone and will allow you to see photos of your child, samples of their daily work and progress comments by your child’s teacher.

Diary – Each student has a diary which is used to send messages between home and school. Please use this diary to record daily information for our staff and speak with our teachers to discuss progress, additions or frequency of information relevant to your child.

Newsletters – Our interactive online newsletters are distributed via parent email and through the Schoolzine App 3 times per term. You will find previous editions via our Schoolzine App or through our website Newsletter page. We appreciate your notification if your email contact details change or if you would like additional family members added to our list.

Email – The school may send email communications to parents for important information in between Newsletters. You are welcome to contact your child’s teacher via email. Please contact your child’s teacher for their email address.

Notes home – periodically notes will be sent home with your child. Please check your child’s diary and bag regularly and return permission or consent forms at your earliest convenience.


Translators – For families who have English as a second language, we provide translation services in each of our online Newsletters, options to view our website and through the Schoolzine App. In addition, we are able to provide full translator services for onsite meetings. Please discuss these options and your needs with your child’s teacher.

Facebook – celebrations, information and upcoming events are shared on our Facebook page. We welcome your support in adherence to our Social Media Terms of Use and Permission for Use of Image and Video