Our Staff

We believe a great school is distinguished by its staff and the best staff are characterised by their willingness and capacity for ongoing learning. At Malibu School, our staff are committed to the values of lifelong learning. All staff model a commitment to personal and intellectual growth and demonstrate a willingness and ability to problem solve and to take on new challenges.

Ours is a setting where learning for all is valued and ambitions are nurtured. School leaders, teachers, education assistants, office and grounds staff, nurses and students inspire others to lead and learn too. All staff undertake targeted professional learning, aligned to our School Business Plan, and collaboratively enhance curriculum content and delivery, assessment and planning practices, classroom approaches, resource development and the use of technology.

All staff are qualified and / or trained in a range of Special Educational Needs specific programs such as TEACCH, low technology Assistive and Augmentative Communication (AAC), Applied Behaviour Analysis, Team Teach and explicit teaching strategies and are focused on the school’s vision for A Future Without Limits for every child.

Executive Leadership Team

Principal: Merrilee Wright

Deputy Principals: Stacey Hansord (Primary School Cluster, K-6 Curriculum), Megan Rhodes (Middle School Cluster, 7-9 Curriculum), Tiffany Brunswick (Senior School Cluster, 10-12 Curriculum)

Manager Corporate Services: Dee Lee, Lisa Law



Our front office is supported by experienced and welcoming School Officers. They are knowledgeable, contribute towards school planning and actively seek communication and feedback with families.

Senior Leadership Team

Our Senior Leaders are responsible for progressing the school’s improvement agenda, aligned with the priority areas and strategic intentions articulated in our Business Plan. All members of our school belong to a Leadership Team and work collectively to advance strategies and resources that support whole-school improvement.

Cluster Leaders and Teams

Each of the three Phase of Learning Clusters have a Teacher Cluster Leader, supported by an education assistant Cluster Leader. This leadership model supports a sequential scope of learning and strong communication within each Phase of Learning and across all Clusters.

Classroom Teams

Each classroom has an appointed classroom teacher and several education assistants. Working closely with our teachers, our education assistants have comprehensive knowledge of our students and are integral in supporting generalisation of skills between the classroom and other contexts. They are active in discussions and the co-development of individual plans and whole-school improvement.

Specialist staff

Specialist teachers and education assistants are appointed for the support and delivery of specialised subjects such as Swimming and Hydrotherapy, Music, Dance, Gardening, Cooking, Science, Protective Behaviours and Health and Physical Education.

Student Services Team

Our Student Services Team support the whole-school implementation of Positive Behaviour Education. As badged attendance officers, they monitor and manage student engagement, attendance, mental health and wellbeing and case management in collaboration with families and service providers.

We employ a School Psychologist to undertake assessment and reporting and to lead whole-school learning as required. Our Chaplain supports social and emotional development for identified students through the delivery of programs such as DrumBeat and Rainbows. Our team of Community School Nurses are available to provide assistance, support and information to staff, students and families each day and on an as needs basis.

iPLAN (Individual Pathway, Learning and Network) Team

Our Senior School pathways team support the successful transition of secondary students into their preferred destinations upon leaving school. Vocation and Education (VET) Coordination involves collaboration with the secondary teachers, led by personalised pathway planning by our Secondary Pathway Support Officer.

The Secondary Pathway Support Officer also works with community partners in the identification and placement of suitable workplace learning opportunities. Relevant onsite learning is enhanced by qualified staff who deliver onsite industry related Units of Competencies towards Certificate I achievement. 

When each student reaches year 10, the team commences work with families to strengthen the alignment of personalised pathway plans with the students’ NDIS plan. This ensures there is a holistic and well-supported long-term strategy that will maximise a successful and supported transition for the student for when they leave school.

Support Team

Malibu School has a support team which includes a full-time grounds technician, a gardener, librarian, team of cleaners and IT technical support staff. These highly skilled staff ensure resources, services and grounds are in optimal condition to enhance student learning.