Relief Staff

We are always seeking brilliant staff to fill a range of short-notice relief and short-term contract vacancies and encourage you to apply for relief at our school.

Malibu School uses the Department of Education’s Casual Staff Seeker - an online tool that makes it easier to send booking requests via text message. Registering will mean that you do not need to apply directly to a number of schools or maintain your details on individual relief lists.  

When you log in, create or update your online profile. If you meet eligibility for the Department of Education, you will be given access to the Department’s Casual Staff Seeker tool where you can update your availability and select Malibu School as a school of preference.

Casual (Relief) work via the Department of Education Casual Staff Seeker (CSS)


Pre-Service Teachers

Education Assistants

Fixed Term Teaching Pool

Qualified teachers are also welcome to apply for the fixed term teaching pool at 

Malibu School has work available every day so we hope to see you very soon!

Want an easier way to access your Casual Staff Seeker (CSS)?

Now you can save HRMIS to your phone screen to use just like an app! See the videos below for step by step instructions;

Once you've saved HRMIS to your home screen, allow your phone to remember your username and password for even quicker access. You can also adjust your availability by using the new month by month calendar.

Check that all details and eligibility requirements are still current - as you won't receive notifications if they aren't!